Buggy Bootcamp in the Daily Telegraph – find out why we’re great bang for your buck!

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Buggy Bootcamp is featured in the Daily Telegraph:

Competition means more fitness choices for less money

“A new mum can’t be locked in to a long membership or book a particular session when she doesn’t know what routine her baby will have the next day, let alone month,” she said.

Buggy Bootcamp meets daily at the North Steyne area of Sydney’s Manly Beach, offering a flexible timetable with no advance bookings required. There are different price structures based on planned attendance levels and starting at $91 per month, with the option to freeze payments when needed.

“We understand that constraints on finances are likely when the family has dropped down to one income and therefore keep our sessions affordable. We also add value for members via free coffee meet ups, seminars and physio visits,” she said. “Mums just rock up to the class that suits. If they miss a week, they can make up sessions at other times.”

Member Sarah Hunt brings 18-month-old daughter Madeleine to sessions and said she would not have been able to work out while on maternity leave otherwise.

“I quit the gym for the first time and loved quitting it,” she said. “Here, you get a better workout. If you go away, they pro-rata everything and actually care about you. If you have an injury, they remember and adjust the workout.

“It’s actually a really good workout, it’s not easy. This is definitely one thing I can spend money on.”

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