Buggy Bootcamp – What is it?

We know Mums are busy people, so in short:

An outdoor group exercise class for new Mums, in Manly, where bub comes along for the ride in their buggy.

And in a little bit more detail (to come back to when you get a rare moment with your feet up on the sofa):

Buggy Bootcamp provides outdoor group post-natal exercise classes which are aimed at new Mums with babies aged 6 weeks to 12 months (or older if they are happy staying relatively still for an hour!). The sessions combine cardio circuits, resistance-based work and lots of exercises to help you regain your core strength. Every session is different, so there is no room for brain or body to get bored.

As the name suggests, you bring your baby in their buggy along to the training session – You will never be very far away from your bub.  As well as taking away the fuss and cost of child minding, we find that the bubs particularly love watching Mum do high knees and shuttle runs!

All of our sessions are safe for new Mums and the intensity of the exercises can be varied to suit any level of fitness and ability as well as any postnatal pelvic floor or abdominal separation concerns. We always encourage you to listen to your body and not push yourself too far, too fast – you have been through a lot recently and need to go easy on yourselves.

But! This is a Bootcamp – you will sweat and you will feel like you have had a good work-out. You may even curse us as you try to walk down stairs!

Please note, there are no formal child-carers at Buggy Bootcamp and bub remains your responsibility at all times.

We offer a free trial session for all Mums. Register for your free trial here:


About us and our vision at Buggy Bootcamp Manly

Buggy Bootcamp – Our Vision

At Buggy Bootcamp, we believe that all new Mums should have the opportunity to join a safe, fun, sociable and exhilarating group exercise program. We are passionate about making it affordable and easier for Mums to return to the type of exercise they enjoy after having a baby. We want new Mums to realise that there is more out there for them than postnatal pilates or a quick go on the treadmill whilst bub is in the gym crèche. There is Buggy Bootcamp! We fully believe that if you look after yourself as a Mum by being active, connecting with others, getting outdoors and doing something for you, bub will thank you for it.  A happy, healthy Mum is a good Mum. Our Buggy Bootcampers have also formed a network of like-minded local Mums who provide support and social company for each other and playmates for their baby. We would like world domination for Buggy Bootcamp, but for now, we will settle with our Buggy Bootcamp Mums taking over Ash’s Table for a coffee after a session! Read more in our Buggy Bootcamp Community Manifesto
About us and our vision at Buggy Bootcamp Manly