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Community Manifesto

Motherhood is tough and those first few months can be really tough. Studies show that one in five new Mums suffer from post natal depression and up to two-thirds can experience some kind of baby blues.

Being active, healthy and supported can go a long way in combating post natal depression and at Buggy Bootcamp we aim to do just that.

As well as getting a damn good work-out at Buggy Bootcamp, we encourage our members to form a support network and social circle with each other. We see firm friendships being made and hope that our members, and their bubs, go on to be lifelong friends with each other.

Buggy Bootcamp trainers do this by ensuring that every member knows every other member’s name, kick-starting conversations (not always baby focused!) between burpees, squats and lunges, encouraging contact and support via social media for all those late night motherhood queries and concerns, organising regular non-bootcamp socials and coffees and putting those that live near each other or are in a similar situation in touch.  Many of our members are ex-pats and the support that Buggy Bootcamp provides becomes even more important when our Mums do not have a local family network and are relatively new to the area.

A happy, healthy, supported Mum is a good Mum.

And good Mums make good communities.

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