Bring bub along for an hour of sociable, post-natal safe and effective mums and bubs fitness session in Manly. Also join us for bub free sessions every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm. And don’t worry – no, you don’t HAVE to run! In fact we only want you running if your body is ready and we always ease you in gently and safely to all our sessions. Buggy Bootcamp – Outdoor exercise for Mums in Manly.

Body Beyond Baby Affiliate and Safe Return to Exercise

When you see the Body Beyond Baby Affiliate and Safe Return to Exercise logos you can rest assured you are in safe hands. All Body Beyond Baby Affiliates are properly trained, educated, insured and work hand in hand with Women’s Health Physiotherapy partners to ensure your best possible care. Read more about our affiliation here.

Buggy Bootcamp - Mums and Bubs Fitness in Manly There are currently ten outdoor Buggy Bootcamps and one indoor ‘no-bubs-allowed’ yoga session to choose from each week – Check out our current post-natal mums and bubs fitness timetable here.

Buggy Bootcamp - Mum and Bub Fitness postnatal exercise manly At Buggy Bootcamp, we want you to get a great, safe workout, whilst having fun and meeting like-minded Mums. A happy, healthy and supported Mum is a good Mum. Read more about our vision here.

Buggy Bootcamp - Outdoor exercise for Mums in Manly We want our membership to be as flexible as possible – we know that Mums are busy! All we ask is that you commit for one month at a time. See here for our membership package options.

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Buggy Bootcamp operates under a Fitness Trainer license from Manly Council for group and personal training, meaning that all insurances and registrations are valid.  We are respectful of other users of the amazing spaces Manly offers and always give way, keep the noise down and leave only sweat (and the odd cracker crumb) behind!


Not a Mum?

OzSquad Bootcamp If you are looking for a bootcamp without the babies, then look no further! OzSquad is Manly’s most social bootcamp and will get you familiar with sprints, burpees, stairs and hills in no time!


lululemon Athletica Manly Carly Steggles is a proud Alumni Ambassador for lululemon Warringah.  Stay tuned for details of collaborative events and find out more in-store.

What our customers say

Loved Buggy boot camp! Can’t beat the location, the trainers are fun and friendly and the workouts were challenging! It was so nice to be able to exercise with bub and meet some lovely ladies along the way! Honestly one of the highlights of my maternity leave!!
Khalia Hill
Khalia Hill
11:47 19 Dec 17
Buggy Bootcamp has been an amazing part of my maternity leave. I first started with my first kid, then went back to training with my second and loved it! Now train with their sister business OzSquad. Been training now with Buggy Bootcamp for 5 years!
Robyn Jewell
Robyn Jewell
08:25 13 Feb 18
There’s no better gym in the world, where else do you get whale and dolphin sightings whilst doing burpees! Fantastic trainers, wonderful ladies to workout with and many options for whatever stage you are at in your recovery. Great for your physical and mental health.
Jen Raymond
Jen Raymond
08:14 04 Jan 18
The best way to get in shape and have fun after Bub. On manly beach front you not only get to see dolphins, hang in the sun and check the surf but you also get trained by highly experienced post natal trainers and train with other like minded women.. best way to start the day! Thanks buggy bootcamp, you made my MAT leave amazing 🙂
Belinda Davis
Belinda Davis
09:14 08 Nov 17
Love getting out and exercising in such a beautiful location with fantastic trainers and fellow Mums. Great workouts with lots of variation, motivating, friendly and flexible. Highly recommend!
Louise Doman
Louise Doman
08:49 22 Nov 17
Fantastic way to get back into exercise after Bub! Great coaches and community plus no better location for a workout!
Claire Green
Claire Green
00:48 24 Nov 17
So much fun and flexible (especially when you have a newborn!). Also great way to get outdoors with bubs!
Anna Morcos
Anna Morcos
10:37 08 Nov 17
Such an amazing vibe, challenging workouts and awesome trainers - so great to work out and get your daily dose of sanity amongst the constant insanity of kids! The best!
Meghan Moore
Meghan Moore
09:44 08 Nov 17
The best thing you could do while on maternity leave!
Lauren Jennings
Lauren Jennings
09:07 03 Jan 19
As a second time mum without a mums group for #2 my buggy Bootcamp crew became my daily mind body and soul workout.Working my body to get fit safely after having my baby, working my mind by engaging with like minded people and sharing our experiences and offering great advice and soul having a great chat and laugh and definitely coffee along the way! I’ve definitely met some friends for life!The trainers are awesome and you’ll definitely get up to speed with the real world with lyndsays daily bulletins! An amazing business with fantastic trainers 👍🏻
Celene Derrin
Celene Derrin
22:09 16 Oct 19

Mums and Bubs Fitness
Safe Postnatal Exercises for Mums at Manly Beach with Buggy Bootcamp

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mums and bubs fitness

Jenni Davies at Beaches Pelvic Physio is a physio who specialises in pelvic floor and pre/post-natal health. At Buggy Bootcamp, even if you ‘feel fine’, we recommend getting a full initial screening with a Women’s Health Physio after giving birth so that you can exercise without worry or causing yourself any long term damage.

Buggy Bootcamp members and those interested in starting Buggy Bootcamp receive 40% off an initial consultation – email for more information and just do it!

Chat to Jenni Davies at a Buggy Bootcamp session too. Once a month, Jenni will be able to answer any questions about post-natal/general niggles, check any ab separation and give pelvic floor advice. No need to book in, just come along and have a chat.

Buggy Bootcamp Session

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