FAQs: How to Keep Your Yoga Practice Strong During Stressful Times

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Right now, we’re all still stressed and figuring out our version of normal. For yogis, this is a major test of what we’ve been practicing for years. Yoga is all about mindfulness, existing in the moment, and adjusting your actions to fit your present circumstances. In working toward strength and flexibility on the mat, we have been manifesting strength and flexibility in our lives. Now is our chance to use those skills.

Buggy Bootcamp shares some ideas for how you can fit yoga into your new normal, without sacrificing the things that drew you to the practice in the first place:

Q1: How do I enhance my home practice?

A1: Routine is your best friend. Focus on creating a yoga-oriented space to focus and practice, and follow a regular practice schedule.

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Q2: How can my yoga skills help me to cope with stress?

 A2: Lean into the mindfulness you’ve developed, and let it guide you.

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Q3: What other areas of my life deserve my focus right now?

A3: Your overall physical and mental health should be a major priority. Keep yourself as well as possible.

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As you redefine your yoga practice to reduce stress, really focus on what you value most about yoga. If it’s the community, prioritize creating safe ways to practice with others. If it’s mindfulness, incorporate more meditation into your routines. Whether you’re looking for spiritual, physical, or psychological benefits, you can find a way to reach your goals and find peace.

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Author: Josh Moore

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