Body Beyond Baby , founded by Jen Dugard, is the go-to place online for women to find mum-focused fitness services that are post-natal accredited, experienced and partnered with women’s health physios so you know you are in very safe hands.

Behind the scenes, the Body Beyond Baby affiliate team is on a mission to change the way that women are looked after across the Fitness Industry once they become a Mother – we want to raise awareness of the importance of a post-natal check with a women’s health physio and ensure that all Mums are safely and effectively looked after when they return to exercise after having a baby. I am proud that I can now call myself a Body Beyond Baby Affiliate team member and here at Buggy Bootcamp you already know that we align with this mission!

As affiliates, we also choose collaboration over competition.  We know that when we stand together our voices are louder and more women will therefore be properly looked after on their fitness journey as a mother.  Our Body Beyond Baby Affiliate membership is a stamp of approval which tells you that at Buggy Bootcamp we have your best interests at heart and work in collaboration with other fitness professionals that support us in supporting you.

Day-to-day, absolutely nothing will change at Buggy Bootcamp – we will still operate under our brand EXACTLY the way we have run for years. Our trainers will now just have access to heaps more resources, training and other like-minded fitness professionals – which will hopefully mean more exciting collaborations, events, campaigns and socials for you guys. Stay tuned!

Carly X

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