Top 10 things to do with your Mother’s Group in Manly…. Have you done them all?!

mothers group in manly

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Buggy Bootcamp’s top 10 things to do with your Mother’s Group in Manly….

Have you done them all?!

Written with thanks to my very own awesome Manly Mother’s Group who conjured up these activities and tried and tested most of them with me whilst unknowingly providing blog content at the same time! You guys rock – 2017 was the best.

And ‘wine walks’ are definitely a thing. You heard it here first.

Here are Buggy Bootcamp’s top 10 Mother’s Group activities in Manly.

Whilst it currently may feel like every day lasts a lifetime, your maternity leave will fly by and before you know it, you will be left reminiscing about the good old days when you had lots of time to hang out with new Mummy friends whilst bub couldn’t walk/run away from you. 😉 Get messaging your Mother’s Group and ticking these off now!

1. Leave the island

Whilst Manly is probably the best place in the world to have your maternity leave, it is good for the soul to leave the bubble occasionally.

Fast ferry it to Watsons Bay, grab take-away fish and chips and picnic it up in the park whilst bub happily gurgles on their back. Head to Narrabeen lakes and push the pram round the perimeter. Or a ferry trip city-side for lunch and a wander among people who aren’t in active wear. Anything off the island counts!

2. Mums and Bubs Cinema

Go early and go lots! The window for this activity is annoyingly very small – and then it’ll be years before you can watch a movie in peace again. Make the most of the luxury of being able to visit the cinema on a weekday morning at a Mums and Bubs showing with your Mother’s group.

Our favourites are the showings at the Orpheum and the Crying Rooms at Roseville cinemas.

3. Baby carrier bush walks

Strap on the baby bjorn or the ergo and hit the trails around Manly with your Mother’s group. Our favourites are North Head, Manly Dam or the secret headland path between Curly and Dee Why (just don’t tell too many people about it). A word of warning, if there are more than 3 Mums wearing their babies, it becomes a bit of a crowd pleaser and your walk will be interrupted by multiple requests for photos….

4. Go to the pub

When else is it socially acceptable to sit in a pub on a Tuesday morning at 11am?!

Baggsie a booth in the Steyne and nurse a coffee for as long as you like, they don’t seem to mind. And if you stay there long enough at gin o’clock you can move upstairs and get all sophisticated in the Glasshouse gin bar. Bonus.

Or you can commandeer the downstairs sofas at the back of the Ivanhoe and feel like you are hanging out in someone’s front room. Share platters, wine, sofas, plenty of room for prams and high chairs – what more does a Mother’s Group need?!

5. Wine Walks

A wine walk. I’m sure we weren’t the first to do it but my Mother’s Group have coined the term and have claimed this genius activity as our own… Simply meet for an early evening stroll along Manly beachfront with a glass of wine in hand. Take the baby carrier to avoid one handed pram pushing!

The Americans in our group also introduced us to these to help make your wine walk spill free. You’re welcome.

6. Hang out at Little Manly

Little Manly is a favourite spot of ours any time of the day and week, but throwing down a picnic rug on a Friday afternoon in Summer and taking advantage of the kiosk’s BBQ with your new Mother’s Group buddies is the bomb.

7. A music/play/swim class.

Let’s face it – these things are better when you can giggle with someone about your new singing, dancing, cooing role in life. There’s Gymbaroo, Rhyme Time at the library, Minikins and Babykins Music and a whole heap of swim lessons to entertain bub at. Just leave those singing and dancing inhibitions at the door ladies!

8. Tag team swim/surf

Buddy up and take it in turns to go for a swim or a surf BUB FREE. I’m not sure there is anything that will revitalise a tired, stressed out new Mum better than a quick dip in the ocean.

9. Go out out!

Ditch the activewear and breastfeeding clothes, get the glad rags on, get hubbie home and meet fellow new Mums for a night out in Man-town. How long can you last without talking about babies, boobs or bottles?! 😉

10. Go to Buggy Bootcamp!

Well we couldn’t miss ourselves out!

Now we know that getting a good Mother’s Group is pot luck depending only on when you happened to give birth – if you weren’t so lucky and didn’t get a bad-ass up-for-anything group of Mums, come along to Buggy Bootcamp and get to know your ready made like-minded Buggy Bootcamp Mother’s group. Good chat, no judgy Mums, exercise with a sea view, free coffees and flexible memberships designed with new Mums in mind. Sign up for your free trial now!

We told you Manly was the best place in the world to have your maternity leave!

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