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This vs That…

Welcome to our new regular comparison of different topics.


…Vodka vs Wine!


It’s a common question: “If I’m going to have a drink drink, which is a better alcoholic drink to have in terms of calories?”

Vodka and soda is thought by some to be the best low calorie drink you can have. Well kids – I have a few thoughts to share on this subject.

First of all, isn’t life meant to be enjoyed?

I know that I don’t really like the taste of vodka and you certainly wouldn’t see me drinking it to save calories. No, I prefer my sav blanc and when I am sipping on that I am most certainly not thinking about its sugar content or how many calories I have consumed or whether I can also tuck into the dessert that has just been placed in front of me.

Being social and enjoying the things that come along with it is very important. I find having a glass or two of wine over dinner with friends very enjoyable and I also don’t mind tucking into a little bit of apple pie after dinner. I won’t do this every night but at least two a week I’ll enjoy something similar to this and it keeps me sane and happy.

However if I went out really focused on calories, first of all I wouldn’t enjoy my drinks, wouldn’t enjoy my friends company and would probably feel immense guilt the next day. So which option are you going to go for?

If you really want the low down on facts though here they are:

“A small glass of wine and a shot of vodka have about the same amount of alcohol,” says Dr Aldana, who’s also the author of The Stop & Go Fast Food Nutrition Guide. “But unlike vodka, wine contains phytochemicals, which may provide additional protection against certain cancers and heart disease.”

Wine (both white and red) has also been shown to ward off dementia and improve lung health, thanks to the antioxidant activity of flavonoids and phenols. Both a jigger (a large shot) of vodka and a 150ml glass of wine contain roughly the same amount of kilojoules, but the vodka rarely comes without an accompanying mixer. Add 120ml of tonic and you get 170 more kilojoules. Not good.

So there you have it! Of course if you really love vodka then don’t give it up. Just drink in moderation and be HAPPY!!

Sarah X

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