Sep/Oct Buggy Bootcamp session focus

A few of you have commented that you would like to know in advance what the focus of each session will be and in particular, when the boxing sessions are scheduled for.

Your wish is our command!

See the plan below for the next few weeks which gives you an indication of what each session will involve – if you like this idea, I will post a session plan for every month from here on in.

So now, if you love boxing you can plan to attend those sessions and if you are a lover, not a fighter, then you can give that one a miss. If you like the surprise of not knowing what the session will be, then don’t look any further!

And don’t worry, the cardio and strength ones won’t be 60 minutes of sprints or 60 minutes of lifting a weight above your head, they will simply have a slight cardio or strength bias as the sessions have had to date, albeit following a slightly less structured timetable! Each session will still keep your brain and body guessing.

See you all at a Bootcamp soon.


PS Burpee penalties may apply if you always avoid the cardio sessions 😉

sep.oct 2 plan

Buggy Bootcamp


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