New Year Goaltastic!

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Holiday Challenge and New Year Goals

The holiday challenge was designed to keep you all (and me!) moving a little during the holidays and I star jumped, squatted, planked and pushed up around Japan until my exercise routine was interrupted by Euan’s little visit to hospital!

Well done if you are still following the challenge and kept active during the two weeks off.

But… we’re not quite done – as well as the last two days of the challenge (cardio and burpees 😉 ), I have one last little new year task for you.

We all need some goals for 2014!

I know, I know, groan, groan, yada, yada. Goal setting in the workplace is a pain (it’s been a while, but I do remember the days of sitting at my desk making up ‘SMART’ goals that I’d already achieved to help my case for promotion at review time) but doing it for your personal life can be really eye opening, and if completed with a load of mates over a bottle of wine or two or three, entertaining too!

Setting personal goals accidently became a bit of an annual tradition for me and a group of my best girly mates from the UK.  At the end of each year we review last year’s goals and set more for the 12 months ahead.

Whilst drinking our body weight in pinot noir.

The tradition continues now via email (admittedly with slightly less red wine) and as well as keeping us all up to date with each other’s lives, provides a succinct summary of everyone’s current headspace.  I’m guessing our goals document will be a very interesting read in a couple of decades time!

There are no rules about what you should write down (I am not going to insist they are ‘SMART’!).  Anything that you would like to achieve in the next 12 months counts – write it down (so you are accountable to yourself) and share it if you dare (so you are accountable to others).  You are then way more likely to achieve your goals than if they remain simply a fleeting thought.

So, practising what I preach, my 2014 goals are as follows!

  • Try to live in the now a bit more, appreciate what I’ve got and where I am and chill out about the stuff that doesn’t matter (mainly money and chores).
  • Nag Euan less (about money and chores).
  • Finish the Canberra marathon and the North Face 50 injury free.  Just finish, don’t worry about finishing times.
  • Take more holidays – remember that I am running a Bootcamp, not Parliament.
  • Decide on a business strategy for Buggy Bootcamp and OzSquad and move towards it – am I happy with the business as it currently is, or do I want to take over the world?!
  • Bake something (edible).
  • Get all 8 of the original goal setting UK girls in the same place at the same time and drink our body weight in pinot noir for old times sake.

Here’s to a great, goal reaching 2014 for us all.

Carly X


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