Buggy Bootcamp Birthday

Buggy Bootcamp started 4 years ago!

To celebrate, we’re giving away a FREE month of Unlimited Buggy Bootcamps to four lucky Mums.

All you have to do to enter is send us the name and email address of a new Mum friend that might be interested in Buggy Bootcamp and let them know they might hear from us! Your friend can enter for the free pass too by sending us the name of another friend and so on. Send multiple names for multiple entries and please share far and wide!

Winners will be picked at random at midday on Monday 10th October.

Enter by clicking here.





Buggy Bootcamp Manifesto

Over the last four years of Buggy Bootcamp, we’ve become pretty certain about what we want to be, and not want to be, for our members. Here is what we are all about summarised in a neat little manifesto! We think you’ll like us 🙂

Check out our timetable – 8.15AM and 9.30AM or 8.45AM every week day with 7PM bub-free options too.

Thanks SO much for all your support over the years, here’s to the next four!

Buggy Bootcamp Manifesto

Psst… whilst we’re here:

We know that you might ‘feel fine’ but isn’t it worth checking what’s actually going on inside? Sometimes we can damage our pelvic floor without even knowing, which might cause problems down the track. Read more about what to look for and how to get checked here.

restore your pelvic floor

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