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  • Yoga – Every Monday at 7pm

    On every Monday at 7pm. A Mum’s only session to complement your hard work at bootcamp with our resident yogi. Intended as an hour to yourself to de-stress, relax and stretch away any tensions away from the family!

  • Boxing

    A boxing based session to fire up the brain and body. Burn fat, tone the upper body and bash away those blues! No experience necessary and all equipment is provided.

  • Cardio

    A session with a little bit more of a cardio focus – don’t worry though you won’t just be running or doing high knees for 60 minutes, there will still be the usual range of exercises too!

  • Strength

    A strength based work-out using a range of equipment and/or a multitude of body-weight exercises. Build those muscles for lifting bub and re-gain your pre-pregnancy core strength.

  • Trainer’s Choice

    Anything we like! You will too (at least in retrospect!) 😉

Free Trial Session

We offer a free trial Buggy Bootcamp session - register for yours here: