Did you know that Buggy Bootcamp has a non-buggy sister bootcamp business called OzSquad?

Get involved with the following membership options…


OzSquad Membership Packages


$59/m Starting From
  • Does Dad want in on the bootcamp act too?
  • Do you want him to share your ‘love’ of quad-busters?!
  • If your husband/partner joins OzSquad, they will receive an intro month for $59 and then a 10% discount on any membership for the time that you are a Buggy Bootcamp member.


$79/m Starting from
  • Has bub found their running legs or is it (shudder) time to return to work?
  • Continue Buggy Bootcamp’s style of training with our sister non-baby bootcamp business.
  • Transfer your membership without a break and receive a 20% discount for your first 3 months of training with OzSquad


-Custom Tailor Your Package
  • Combination OzSquad and Buggy Bootcamp memberships are also available.
  • Just contact us with the combination of sessions that you would like to attend and we’ll confirm the cost.

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